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Formula SAE and Formula Student challenge students to build a single seat, open wheeled racecar to compete against other schools at annual international competitions. There are many areas of evaluation in these competitions including engineering design, business and cost as well as numerous dynamic events.

Every year, the team starts out be creating new goals. From there, a plan of action is formed, deadlines are established, and tasks are distributed between team members. Although Formula Student is an engineering competition, the team requires more than just engineering students. As a result, a conscious effort is made to appeal to students with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and areas of study. This ensures that we have the best people in the right roles. The team then proceeds to budget and design the car. Once this task is completed simulations are run to optimize the theoretical designs. From there, manufacturing and assembly of components commence. Once the car is completed, a demanding testing regime ensures validation of designs before the car and team are sent to competition.


MAC Formula Electric prides itself for being on the cutting edge of motorsport technology by implementing techniques and design features which are rarely seen in anything other than premier racing series. The use of CNC machinery and CAD modelling as well as various FEA software has allowed us to detail, design and analyze every portion of our car to the smallest detail. Taking full advantage of all the opportunities presented to the team we were able to design not only our best performing, but also by far our most efficient car to date.

Why Electric?


MAC Formula Electric recognizes the necessary shift to the use of cleaner technology. By using electric vehicles as a platform for innovation the team hopes to promote the development of a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future.

High Performance

With efficiencies of over 90%, electric motors are able to transmit a higher percentage of power to the wheels than an internal combustion engine. Moreover, with the ability to provide maximum torque at any speed, performance figures for MAC Formula Electric’s first car rival the top combustion and hybrid automobiles.

Future of Transportation

By getting hands-on experience in high-performance, environmentally-friendly technologies, our members are well equipped for the industry that awaits them upon graduation.

Our Story




■ Design Event Award
■ Business Event Award
■ GM Best Engineered Hybrid Award
■ IEEE Engineering the Future Award

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■ Design Event Award
■ Business Event, Runner Up
■ Skip Barber Formula Hybrid Teamwork Award

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End Of An Era


■ Design Event Award
■ GM Best Engineered Hybrid System
■ IEEE Engineering the Future Award
■ 2nd Place, Overall

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January 2016
■ Rebrand revealed - website and logo
■ Information session and recruitment

September 2016
■ Design and simulations all finished

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North America

North America

April 2017
■ Car manufacturing & assembly
■ Car testing, iterations & refinement

May 2017
■ Compete in North America

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Spring 2018
■ Iterating & testing
■ Constant improvements
Summer 2018
■ Multiple European competitions

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